A Night of Song, Prayer and Inspiration with Shlomo Katz

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HEBREW BELOW – עברית למטה

Abraham’s Legacy and The V’ani Tefillah Foundation


A Night of Song, Prayer and Inspiration with Shlomo Katz

Co-Sponsored by: JIC Israel, World Mizrachi Movement, Torah Mitzion, Benei Akiva, Emunah, Amiel Institute – שטראוס-עמיאל / ברן-עמיאל

For Your Yom Kippur, Your Year, Your Life

1st Annual International Day of Tefillah – October 3rd ד׳ תשרי

Join 50,000 Jews, ONE day for 18 minutes and complete 613 books of Tehillim!

This year, turn a corner. Grab the power of your tefillah, use it when it counts most and then nurture it, fuel it, keep it burning all year long. Daven at a new level this Yom Kippur and then keep on climbing.

It all starts on 4 Tishrei, October 3, during the Aseres Yemei Teshuvah, with groups around the world combining their power of prayer to uplift all of Klal Yisrael.

Don’t miss out! Take part in the event right here in Jerusalem at the First Station!

****PLEASE SIGN UP at this link: http://bit.ly/ShlomoKatz****

**Event Breakdown**
1. Concert by Shlomo Katz: He will be sharing words of inspiration and performing songs directly from Tehillim

2. Take part, with the global world, in a five-minute lesson on the power of tefillah from the highly acclaimed Praying With Fire by Rabbi Heshy Kleinman

3. Experience the inspiration of completing Sefer Tehillim 613 times in 18 minutes using the real-time tracking app, Abraham’s Legacy. You’ll be able to see the locations of participants across the globe and watch as chapter after chapter, and sefer after sefer is completed. The 18 minute tehillim read will be broken down into three 6 minute sections throughout the concert!

Here’s a way to make the most of the 10 days when Hashem is so close at hand, so open to our prayers! But it doesn’t stop there….

Keep the inspiration growing with two powerful tools free to all participants:
1. A Yom Kippur poster sure to help you tap into the miraculous opportunity of the day’s prayers;

2. A weekly on-line issue of Praying With Passion, a unique tefillah-building tool that’s upgrading tefillah for thousands of Jews.

This event is sponsored by Becky Nackab in Memory of Avraham ben Pauline Z’L

In preparation for the event, DOWNLOAD THE ABRAHAM’S LEGACY TEHILLIM APP – Available in Hebrew, English and Spanish on iTunes and Google Play: qrco.de/bbD92t

Check out our tutorial video: https://youtu.be/bE-F6XsUqDI
Share our short video about International Day of Tefillah: https://youtu.be/YXNDdkUKdbg


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