The first stop invites you to come with the whole family to celebrate Chanukah with us in the heart of Jerusalem - the first stop!
What have we prepared for you?

Lighting Chanukah candles with Chabad Baka

Candle - Sunday - Thursday - Candle Lighting at 19:00
Candle Lighting - 8:00 pm - Candle Lighting at 8:00 pm
Candle - Lighting musical candles in the circle of sacred poetry.

Saturday 1.12 Berale at the station 11: 00-13: 00

Berale, the Jerusalem movement - young families meet on Saturday afternoon. Hanukkah story hour by Sagi Zemach accompanied by the art of balloons.

First 2.12 16: 00-20: 00 Pirate Happening - The Man Who Molly Admission is free

The man in front of me - a huge Hanukkah happening for the whole family in the name of pirates in memory of Molly for the 4th year!
At the happening there will be MDA blood donation stations, pirate activities for the whole family, makeup stands, clowns, food stalls, donuts, prize lottery and more fun activities!

Link to volunteer registration for the day of the event!
The person before 2018 - Volunteers form - click here!

Two 3.12 19:00 | Board games in a cultural terminal

The evening of the giant box games of Jerusalem !!!

If you are a veteran player, we have new things to offer you and if you are a new player, we have a large and varied gaming library for you.
Come to know the world of box games and get to know good people on the way :)
The event will be accompanied by instructors who will learn and explain all the games.

fee is 30 NIS * Cash payment only *
Invent Click here!

Two 3.12 19:00 | The Zumba Party Admission is free

The first stop invites you to the month of Zumba! Every Monday in November we will meet at 8:00 pm for a fascinating Zumba evening led by Veronica! Admission is free.

Two 3.12 20:00 | Salsa Party with Latina Capital Admission is free

A crazy Latin party with Capital Latina!
Salsa, Candle Lighting, Capital Latina and then a Latin party until it hurts!
Admission is free

Tuesday 4.12 15: 30-19: 00 Dog Adoption Day Free entrance

Jerusalem loves animals invites the whole family to adopt dogs in the first station compound
* Delivery is subject to payment adoption basket
Details: Hedva 054-945-4225

Third 4.12 18: 00-23: 00 Soup 'N' roll at the station

The first stop invites you to soup and roll!
Heat the winter on Tuesdays, with a special evening - each week a variety of special soups from our restaurants, and a performance in the central square. Entrance is free, the soups are paid.
Performance - old-style Mediterranean singing with Itamar Zakai - Zohar Argov, Eyal Golan with old hits.

Wednesday 4.12 18: 15-19: 00 Juggler Show Free entrance and
performance with a juggler for the whole family!

Wednesday 4.12 17: 00-00: 00 The Waitress - Singing Waiters A cultural terminal

The waiters wait, the legendary Jerusalem institution at the first railway station 25 years ago, reopens its doors and the nostalgic line, and invites you to be part of the historic event!

And this time Or Ben Atar and his band live, other artists and surprises! For details: Eliahu 054-5554328

Thursday 6.12 17: 00-19: 00 Night Race with CROSSROADS

5th night of Chanukah, join us at the 5th year 5km jog nice and friendly to each family, the first station in Jerusalem.
All proceeds from the event going to donate!

Registration at: http://run4crossroads.com/night-run The
registration fee is 50 NIS and includes a T-shirt and lots of smiles, and the
runners can also register for the Jerusalem Marathon on March 15th for free, along with Crossroads!

17:30 - Registration
18:15 - Heating
18:30 - Community Candle Lighting
18:45 The night race begins!

Crossroads provides programs and social services needed for at-risk youth, English speakers in Israel, homeless, struggling with drug addiction and violence / domestic violence, as well as social, emotional and educational difficulties. Crossroads offers an alternative to Rehovot, with the aim of instilling in youth at risk hope motivation, tools, and direction for a better future.

Running tonight is a fun community to run now its fifth year. As a fun community to run, RUNNERS will OBEY traffic laws on the road. The volunteers will be deployed along the route to offer some support to the runners. We look forward to you joining this tradition this year to support life saving and rescue work with young Anglo and young adult community in Israel.
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Thursday 6.12 17: 00-19: 00 Chanukah and Singing with Amir Schreiber Admission is free

Israeli songs that everyone loves with Amir Schreiber!

Friday 7.12 12: 00-14: 00 Dance of Amba Admission is free

cultural event that addresses the young audience with the aim of preserving and renewing Israeli dance in Israel, while creating a social space that is rich in quality and enriching. As well as sports activities with added value.
As part of this program, festive events and weekly dances are held with the participation of many young people aged 20-40 who come from different backgrounds in Israeli society and even dance from various countries around the world, including the US, Canada, Brazil, China, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Belgium and France.

Saturday 8.12 21: 00-23: 00 Jerusalem nostalgia band in a tribute to Arik Einstein and the high windows Admission is free

First 9.12 18: 30-23: 00 A beat at the station in honor of the eighth candle

Are invited to light the eighth candle of Hanukkah in a circle of sacred poetry led by Shimon Lev Tahor.
Come and spread light and love and connect to the heart of Jerusalem in an atmosphere of holiness on the festival of light.
We will light the eighth candle together and unite with the power of the healing circle.
We will sing, dance, warm our hearts and the whole space with the intensity of love.

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