Elul of Selichot at the first station

A variety of events during the month of Elul at the station:

31.8, 20:00 – Yitzhak Meir arrives at the Tarbut Terminal to launch his new album Likutei Tefilot.

11.9 and 17.9 – Musical tour of Selichot days – departure at 20:00 Independence Shield, and at the end of the evening – evening of songs at the cultural terminal. Registration (paid) – 054-5667314.

17.9 – Human poetry: Preparation for forgiveness and prayer, dialogue, poetry, melody and singing. 21:00, free entrance.

26.9 – Performance of a deliberate sound band. 20:00, free entrance.

28.9 – “Elul” show – Ido Portal and friends in the Selichot show. 21:00, free entrance.

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