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‘Psalms on the Wall’ exhibition

Graffiti interpretations of the book of psalms, by Judy Tal Kopelman!

The book of Psalms is the most familiar book in the bible.
It is read, sung, and recited all over the world – in all languages, all religions, by secular people and by believers.

This series of multilingual, colorful graffiti works, revive the most beautiful, well known verses of Psalms in a modern contemporary language which speaks to all people, of all ages.

‘Psalms on the Wall’ was launched in 2017, initiated by 929, Israel’s
national bible learning project.
60 different murals were created at various locations all over Israel in public indoor and outdoor spaces – a series of colorful, creative, and sometimes provocative
interpretations of Psalms.
These works were warmly received by the many diverse sectors of Israeli society, as well as by tourists and pilgrims from all over the world.

The Psalms on the wall exhibition is displayed at the First Station in Jerusalem, and now at the Mesilla Promenade. The ancient verses written by King David the Poet are re-interpreted in graffiti street art, in Hebrew, English and Arabic.

These are top quality public art pieces – enjoyable, thought provoking, soothing to the mind and soul. ‘Psalms on the Wall’ now decorates the streets of Jerusalem – where the timeless proverbs and hymns were written by king David – thousands of years ago.

The exhibition is outdoors, open 24/7 and free of charge.

Click here to visit Judy’s website for more info!

“Escape to Reality”

Exhibition by Rick Blumsk – Art Photographer.

Alongside commercial photography, there is a niche of other photography, its purpose is different and it touches more on the photographer’s inner world, this is artistic photography. In fact, every photograph has an artistic dimension, but when talking about art photography specifically, it is about photography that is not intended to market an idea or sell a product, but about an image that should evoke emotion or thought in the viewer.

The exhibition is on display at the terminal and can be viewed at all opening hours of the terminal (Sunday to Thursday 10:00-22:00, Friday 10:00-16:00, Saturday 11:00-22:00), until 22.3.20.

More details on the Terminal Facebook page – click here!

Train World

עולם הרכבות במתחם התחנה הראשונה

Welcome to the world of trains at the first station compound in Jerusalem. Here the trains work all the time!

At the heart of the first station complex, in the center of a railway car that was once active, is the International Railway Exhibition. The spectacular exhibition for children, teenagers and adults presents hundreds of models of trains that travel on a spectacular route that passes through different landscapes from all over the world. For example, you can see steam trains passing through bridges and caves or express trains running quickly to an urban area.

In order to give the exhibition the perfect picture, you can also watch different bus models. Apart from the exhibition, it is possible to purchase models of trains of all kinds, as well as to participate in workshops and workshops on the subject. You can also buy models of trains of all kinds, as well as participate in workshops and workshops on the subject.

Opening Hours :
Saturday 11:00-17:00

Tours go every hour on the hour, by pre-registration:

Text or call shimon – 054-763-3225

Admission is free based on availability, limited to 15 people on tour.

The process of renovating the trailer and building the exhibition: https://youtu.be/ltSAF8ynH0U

About the Exhibition: https://youtu.be/5DRy6vxcUG0

Namaste exhibition at The First Station!

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“For my house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples” (Isaiah, 56).

One of the most important visions for the city of Jerusalem is its existence as a cultural and religious center for all the peoples. In our art project we chose to convey this message by six huge graffiti murals from different cultures which welcome the visitors by “Namaste” gesture.

The exhibition is on our main stage rooftop – and you can see it 24/7 without any charge.


More details here!

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