Jerusalemite Kabalat Shabat

Jerusalem Kabbalat Shabbat at The First Station!

The First Station and Ginot Ha’Ir invite you to a musical Kabbalat Shabbat every Friday, from 14.6 till the end of August at 17:00.

HaTachana Harishona (the First Train Station) on David Remez Street, between Derech Beit Lechem and Derech Chevron.

These popular Kabbalat Shabbat experiences are for all ages, and affiliations. They create an open space for our community to come together in prayer, song and dance, and they feature live music, singing and dancing.

Admission is FREE with handicap accessibility.
Direct busses and nearby parking are available.

List of Performers:

21.6 Nigun Friends and Shaike El-Ami
28;6 Nigunim Ensemble
5.7 Nigun Friends
12.7 Nigunim Ensemble and Nava Tehila in honor of the 10th anniversary of JLM Kabalat Shabat!
19.7 The poetess Hadas Pal-Jordan and Shaike El Ami
26.7 Nava Tehila
2.8 Uri Kroezer and Elad Gabay
9.8 Tando band and Uri Kroezer
16.8 Uri Kroezer and Elad Gabay
23.8 Nava Tehila
30.8 The pianist Hadas Pal-Jordan and Shaike El Ami


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