Thursday Morning Qigong

Jerusalem QIGONG at the First Station
Every Thursday at 8:20 AM

A trial class costs 30 NIS.
For further information regarding registration, please call Ayala 050-726-1555.

Qigong means “working with life energy” and is rooted in the old tradition of Chinese medicine and philosophy, representing more than 3000 years of knowledge and experience. There are many schools of Qigong, all united in a single goal: Improving health and well being by preserving and cultivating the Qi.
Qi, the omnipresent energy of life, runs in the meridians of our body and can be strengthened and preserved by practicing quiet breathing, combined with slow moving exercises and focusing the mind inwards. One of the main goals of traditional Chinese concept of life is Longevity in good health.

The certified Qigong instructor, Ayala Graicer, has practiced Tai Chi & Qigong for more than 25 years. She continually advances her skills by studying under renowned Qigong & Tai Chi Masters around the world.

A trial class costs 30 NIS.
For further details and information regarding registration, please call Ayala: 050-726-155


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