UNITE CALL in Jerusalem – Sacred Singing Circle

Sacred Singing Circle

You are invited to be a part of a special event in the heart of Jerusalem!
Together we will unite and raise the vibes, open our hearts to one another, dance, meditate and celebrate the beautiful diversity of our magic city!
Come and sing with us, dance and feel the sacred rhythm of this moment.

Will lead us:
– Shimon Lev Tahor
– Ofer Mizrahi
– Nitzan Pery
– Lev El’man
– Sandrine Santal
– Reut Rivka
– Elad Nasich Mizrachi
– Nitsan Charcko Mizrachi
– Jonathan Font Moxo
– Yarin David
– Marwan Zahyka
– Itamar Zakai
– Yonatan Meir Kimchi
– Yuval Kore Mezamertov
– Yossef Kaya
– Anna Monnier – Shraer
and more…
stay tuned!

The event is free entrance, but you can generously donate if you enjoy.
With love,
The first station, Sacred Circle in JLM


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