Fair back to school with awakening

The first stop in Jerusalem is pleased to host the awakening movement, for the third year in a row, for a fun experience for children and parents in preparation for their return to the educational institutions, in cooperation with a network of general clinics.

The fair will include the sale of school equipment from the best chains at an affordable price, in addition there will be activities for children that will integrate content from the family’s health and pleasure.

The fair will take place on 10.8 and will begin at 4:00 pm, at 17:00. The main stage will feature a spectacular performance by a guest artist, combining content on the subject of health that will enrich vital knowledge and fun.

In addition, at 6 pm the Zumba class will begin with rhythmic music and lots of positive energy. At 19:00, a children’s play will take place on the stage of the puppet festival that takes place that week at the first station.

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