International Puppet Theater Festival

The International Puppet Theater Festival celebrates 26 years and produces more than ever: 35 Israeli plays, 6 foreign productions, 27 plays for children, 14 for adults and a multi-disciplinary art project – Luuuuna Park.

The emphasis in this year’s festival is the beauty of diversity and therefore you will find many countries with different cultures and messages.
The early sale was opened and will continue until Saturday 5/8. Tickets are available for children at 50 NIS instead of 75 NIS and adult shows for 70 NIS instead of 95 NIS. For more details and tickets> http://bit.ly/2vxsJ45

Show times for the first station – Monday, Wednesday, Thursday – 7: 7-10: 8-13: 00-13: 00 Children’s performances in the Diaspora – Terminal The performances within the compound
9-10.8 Wednesday Thursday – 19: 00-20: 00 Shows for the whole family.

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