Jewish Street art exhibition

The First Station invites you to the Jerusalem Biennale’s Exhibition –

“Jewish Street Art Festival”,

as part of The Jerusalem Biennale 2019 – For Heaven’s Sake^^!

Opening event – Thursday 17.10 21:00-23:00
The exhibition will be shown on our “Time Travel” rail car, near HaMiznon restaurant.

Price: Free entry.


Street art is often impermanent, exposed to the elements, at risk of vandalism, weather damage, and construction.
Yet street artists continue to paint, sometimes even without any prospect of compensation.
They paint because it is their mission to bring color and light to the world. They paint leshem shamayim – for the sake of Heaven.

This show brings together Jewish street artists from the Diaspora and Israel who work with Jewish themes.
These artists come from diverse backgrounds: Ashkenazi and Mizrachi, secular, religious, and in between. Their array of perspectives exemplifies the richness of the Jewish world and creates a platform for a broader conversation about Jewish art and identity. The artists bring contemporary Jewish art out of the gallery into the streets for all to see and encounter. Participants include: Hillel Smith, Los Angeles native, now in Washington, DC; Judy Tal Kopelman, born in Jerusalem, raised in America, and now again residing in Israel; Moscow-born Ella Ponizovsky Bergelson, immigrated to Israel in 1991, currently in Berlin; Itamar Palogi, born in Jerusalem, now based in Olesh; Lenore Mizrahi-Cohen, recently relocated to Jerusalem from Brooklyn; Bareket Kezwer, born in Jerusalem, raised and based in Toronto ; Dan Groover, originally from Paris, now in Israel by way of the French West Indies; Los Angeles native Shlome J. Hayun; Solomon Souza, born in London, now in Tel Aviv; and Yitzchok Moully, Australian-American based in New Jersey.

Our artists:
– Dan Groover
– Shlome J Hayun
– Bareket Kezwer
– Judy Tal Kopelman
– Lenore Mizrachi-Cohen
– Yitzchok Moully
– Itamar Palogi / FALUJA
– Ella Ponizovsky Bergelson
– Hillel Smith
– Solomon Souza

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