Nespresso at the first stop

The refreshing summer experience of Nespresso comes to the first stop in Jerusalem on 27-30.6.

Nespresso launches a unique and refreshing culinary tour across Jerusalem: Discover the original tasting tour of Nespresso.

Take an independent tour with the innovative BITEMOJO app, where you can enjoy a selection of summer dishes, urban experiences and a cool, refreshing café area with Nespresso On Ice mixes! A unique tour full of tastes and places that take part in a story that is specially prepared for you this summer, for small and refreshing moments throughout the city.

At the first stop you will find the experiential grounds of Nespresso, where you can refresh with cold, high-quality coffee with Nespresso On Ice mixes.

Purchase tour tickets and more details can be found at goo.gl/kYT9kD

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