Oktoberfest 2019 Jerusalem

Oktoberfest 2019 at The First Station Jerusalem!

Tuesday-Thursday, 18:00-00:00, Entrance is free!

Particpating Breweries 🍺🍺:
The famous German beer Weihenstephan
Oak and Ash Brewery
Bazelet Beer – The Golan Brewery
Hero Brewery
Heineken 0.0% for pregnant women and drivers
Lela beer
And another surprise is expected!

In the meat section 🥩🍖:
Doron’s huge stand with huge asado plates, entrecote, lamb sprouts and sauerkraut and salads (kosher).

Chopchop with a triple booth that includes grilled, smoked meats and fine meat sandwiches (Tzohar Kosher).

For the first time, the Byrne Food Truck will join us with German-style sausage 🌭 with sauerkraut (Kosher)!

What more? Fine pretzels 🥨, excellent olives from Greece,
Tipsy alcoholic ice cream, including four sorbets (kosher)
Hot Churros, smoothies and fresh fruits!

Apart from food and beers, there will also be amusements 🤹‍♀ – paintball and drinking games!

Live Music🎶:
Pritzat Disc Band will perform on Wednesday and Thursday at 9pm.

On Thursday we will also have a guest performance by Irish singer Karl McConnon performed in leading pubs in Dublin.

In addition – on every glass of beer you purchase, will receive a discount ticket for a pretzel and enter a draw for a flight ticket to Berlin 🇩🇪.

For more details and updates – click here!

Drink responsibly !!!

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