Recharging Dreams with Sasha Leshem

Sasha and the First Station welcome you to join together on the last weekend of the Passing year to RECHARGE and RECEIVE your dreams. Open Entry.

Friday September 27th 2019 6PM-7:30PM
The First Station Main Stage

Hello Important People,
I’m Sasha, and I love to use my dreams as tools to grow and ascend to higher versions of myself.

I want to offer you an opportunity before Rosh Hashana.

Let’s take an hour to Recharge our Dreams.
Dreams are invitations from our higher self to evolve into an upgraded version of ourselves. They help us move into higher expression and greater abundance.

In this special time of an ending of of one year cycle and the beginning of the next. We can access the future options and through Abundance Meditation establish clarity and ripeness to manifest our dreams and bring ourselves into higher expression.

All I’m inviting you to do, is arrive.
From there I offer a four step guided meditation process that will give you CLARITY, accelerate RIPENESS, strengthen CONFIDENCE and offer CERTAINTY through sensing what we will
FEEL when our future possibility is made manifest.

Pleas RSVP and feel free to Whatsapp me with any questions,

I’m waiting to guide you on your Dream Recharge experience,

It’s real,

Sasha 0528399877

*** The event will begin before Shabbat and by sunset no electronic devices will be used***
*** This could be your first Mediation experience and you’ll be great***

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