Sakuni and the first station run to the Maccabiah

The first run for the Maccabiah race is underway!

The running group at the first station in Jerusalem, in cooperation with Sakuni, invites you to a preparatory training session for the Maccabiah race that will take place on July 10 and run for 8 km.

The race will take place on Wednesday, 5.7, at 19:00 at the Sakuni camps in the first station compound, accompanied by a senior running instructor. Running will be done at a personal and easy pace. We will run along the railway track and turn around after 4 kilometers, on the bridge of the road that goes up to Gilo.

Beers, refreshments and benefits at the Sakuni shop for the finishers. * Participation is free, running is a social / community organization and is not competitive and there is no time measurement. Any runner who chooses to participate does so at his own risk. The training is suitable for healthy, experienced and fit athletes.

The Jerusalem running team is out every Wednesday at 19:00 with a running instructor. Participation is free of charge. Welcome to join us!

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