Owner of the Captain network, had a dream of opening the first Grilled Cheese in Israel. Together with Nir Ben Amram, an artist chef, and in a shared vision, they built the place called Blondie – the first Israeli cheese grill in Israel. Ben Amram is known as a veteran Jerusalemite who worked in a variety of Jerusalem culinary institutions.

The essence of the place is to provide a new experience for those who know and do not know the Gerald Cheese.

Grilled Cheese is basically a three-component dish: bread, cheese and butter (on the outside), giving it its unique flavor. But do not be confused! Grilled Cheese is not a regular toast! It comes with a touch of sanity, the dishes are meticulous, the cheeses are excellent and rich in flavors and the dishes are served in huge kesten bread in a unique baking place.

There is a variety of draft beers that provide a unique experience for beer lovers. Among the various capitals are the capital of Negev, the capital of Malka and the capital of Shapira in Jerusalem, which is not abandoned!

The flagship dish is “Blondie Classic” – with 3 types of cheese and rich in flavors.

Kashrut: The Jerusalem Rabbinate

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