Bread and Meat is a kosher and trendy meat restaurant which connects the two worlds – bread and meat.

The restaurant offers a small but quality menu with an emphasis on freshness and an exquisite experience of taste at average prices.


The chain’s flagship branch was established at the Tel Aviv port and serves as a milestone in the kosher meat culinary scene.

The concept connects the world of meats with quality breads, combining a variety of different dishes such as steaks, Sinia, burgers and chicken dishes served with light salads and quality bread.

The restaurant also serves dishes which combine both worlds and are unique to the restaurant.

Baking in a stone oven allows fresh baking, meat smoking and creating a culinary experience for all the senses.


Style and atmosphere

The restaurant has an urban atmosphere and combines the old and the new in the Station plaza.

The design allows a comfortable and intimate seating in a restaurant together with entertainment and a high quality meal, a seating area decorated in different styles (benches, and an eclectic variety of tables) the easy going atmosphere combines sitting in small groups, shared tables at the bar area and intimate seating areas.

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