Smart Tour Israel LTD was founded in 2012 after the merge between Segwayz and Segway Jerusalem, two of Israel’s largest segway tour companies at the time.

As of today they run, segway toursculinary tours and bike rentals.
Since 2013 they run the visitors center of the The First Station culinary and shopping center in the heart of Jerusalem. You can find their a number of different bikes for kids and adults for rent as well as a unique and modern souvenir shop.

Join us for an amazing tour of Jerusalem, a memorable hovering in the magical landscapes of New and Old Jerusalem. For more information – Call: *9678

Opening hours

Sun-Thu 09:00-20:30 (Summer), 09:00-18:30 (Winter)

Friday 09:00-20:30 (Summer), 09:00-14:30 (Winter)

Saturday 10:00-19:30

Company’s Website: https://smart-tour.co.il/

Segway Tours in Jerusalem


All the ups and downs of the holy city might tire you out. This is why we put together 3 great segway tours in Jerusalem.

The segway takes you with no effort at all through the streets and to the beautiful views of this magical city.
The tours are just pure fun combined with the stories and soul of Jerusalem.
The tours are suitable for people between the ages of 16-70, and not suitable for pregnant women. The maximum weight allowed is 270 Lb. (130 kg.).

The Classic Tour


This is our city segway tour. It starts from the First Station and will take you towards the Old City of Jerusalem. We will pass by many of the famous sites of the city such as: Yemin Moshe, The Jaffa Gate, The Tower of David and much more.
Tours Leave daily at: 10:00 am, 12:45 pm, 3:30 pm, 6:00 pm.

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Bike Tours In Jerusalem


Jerusalem Sunrise Tour – The unique combination of the morning dusk and the Jerusalem stone make this tour an unforgettable one. The quiet streets of the city enable us to bike freely through the regularly busy alleys and paths.

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Smart tour special rent a bike area


If you are looking to rent a bike in Jerusalem, you’ve found the right spot. we are located at the perfect spot. As of 2013 we run the visitor center of the First Station compound in Jerusalem.
We are situated right by the new Jerusalem bike lane. The bike lane opened at the beginning of 2013 and consists as of today of almost 10 km of paved bike lanes inside Jerusalem. The lane continues onto off road paths that will take you through the beautiful mountains surrounding Jerusalem. This bike lane conveniently passes right in front of the First Station which gives you a perfect connection to the best biking opportunities around the city.
We rent regular bikes for children and adults, electrical bikes, family riksha bikes and a number of different pedaling bikes for kids.
Complimentary maps are added for no extra charge.

 Just stop by our store and head out!

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