Unite’s singing circles return to Jerusalem – this time at the first stop!
This is an invitation to the circle of sacred poetry with dozens of artists and hundreds of participants.
On Tuesday 18.7.2017 we will meet at the station compound to sing, dance and rejoice – together!

The circle is for all of us – it is entirely voluntary and the entrance to it is free for everyone.
Are invited to join, sing and dance, to gather and meditate, to create a frequency of love, joy, healing and unity.
18:30 – Gathering – Opening and connecting song.
19:15 – joint prayer and prayer.
19:30 – Um and the opening sound and the beginning of the circle.

19:35 – **** The central part **** Joint singing of soul songs by changing musicians.
The first circle will be moderated by Shimon Lev Tahor (!),
Songs of joy, Hebrew, Rainbow, Floresta, Bajans, Cavali and more ..

23:00 – Ending and hug.

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