Capsules Complex

Our new modern solution for outdoors hangout suitable to every weather ☀️🌧️

The First Station is proud to present its brand new Cabana Station. The Cabana is a complex of enchanting and designed spaces that provide a culinary and cultural experience under the open sky.

Using a smart ordering system that is the first of its kind in the country, The CABANA lets you order food from all the restaurants throughout the complex and offers a selection of flavors along with a professional bar that will accompany the meal.

Each capsule is suitable for a couple or a small group, undergoes frequent and thorough cleaning and is protected from rain and cold!

The Cabana Station works 7 days a week, including Saturday. To reserve your cabana, please WhatsApp or call us. Prices: 1 hour – 30₪.

To read about our open restaurants, click here!

Making of the capsules – Jeka Vinograd
Photography – Ricky Rachman