Jerusalem First Station




    Everything to know about the Old Train Station of Jerusalem



    The First Station: The Beating Heart of Jerusalem

    The old train station in Jerusalem, one of the city's historic landmarks, comes to life and retakes its place as one of the city's most popular cultural and recreational areas. The First Station offers visitors an unparalleled experience, thanks to its exceptional location at the crossroad between Jerusalem's Old City and its modern neighborhoods; nestled amongst the most popular Jerusalem hotels along with the historical, picturesque German Colony, Baka, Abu-Tor and Yemin-Moshe neighborhoods and adjacent to the city's finest cultural establishments and recreational locations: Zappa Club, Sultan's Pool, Jerusalem Theater, Khan Theater and many others.

    The First Station invites you to begin and end your visit to Jerusalem at the city's most dynamic location. The site is home to some of the finest restaurants in Jerusalem and the entire country. Its location at the heart of the Jerusalem's major events and festivals allows visitors to be part of what's happening in Jerusalem without forgoing the city's unique atmosphere and style. The cultural and recreational activities available at the Station include Segway and bicycle tours of Jerusalem's most exceptional routes, enticing yoga classes and tours of the different exhibitions held at the Station to promote Jerusalem's young, talented artists.

    We invite you to visit the First Station and enjoy the fascinating and unique combination of a cultural and culinary experience at the heart of the enchanting city of Jerusalem.