The Station Manager

The first station combines culture, leisure and lifestyle, and is connected to the vibrant and renewed pace of life in Jerusalem. The first station’s values ​​put the center of a rich cultural concept along with a space of culinary and food, restaurants and places of entertainment, sports and leisure.

The station manager sees in her mind an open, lively and breathing space, lively in places of entertainment and live music, which turns the public space into a center of street culture, exhibitions, fairs and colorful markets. The first stop is a means of enriching the quality of life of the residents of Jerusalem and the many visitors to it, as a locomotive that attracts the city’s carriages and activities, and is a source of pride for the capital of Israel.

The first station manager is the body that manages the station complex. It is headed by Avi Morduch, a Jerusalemite originally, a well-known figure in Jerusalem’s nightlife. In recent years he was one of the initiators and founders of the railway complex in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

The renovation of the complex and its transfer to a management group with experience and tools to transform it into a leading cultural and tourist center in the city were initiated by the Jerusalem Municipality and the Jerusalem Development Authority, as an integral part of the development of Jerusalem and the restoration of life in historic and significant sites in the city.