Lechem Basar

Lechem Basar is a kosher and contemporary meats restaurant that connects two worlds – bread and meat. The restaurant offers a small and high quality menu emphasizing freshness, availability and an excellent taste experience at an average price. The flagship of the chain was established at the Tel Aviv port and is a milestone in the kosher meat culinary scene, combining the world of meat and baking bread from a variety of worlds, including steaks, siena, burgers and chicken dishes served with light salads and quality breads. Dishes that combine the two worlds and will be unique dishes for the restaurant.Tabon oven allows fresh baking, smoking meat and creating a culinary experience that appeals to all senses.

Home delivery

In light of the Corona crisis, we decided to bring Lechem Basar to you! All our dishes from the grill and appetizer in your home and all you have to do is just pick up the phone and call for delivery.

What is on the Menu?

Style and Atmosphere A restaurant that combines urban atmosphere and combines old and new in the station compound. The design allows for a comfortable and intimate sitting inside the restaurant along with a good meal and meal. Seating areas are designed in different styles (benches, tables in an eclectic variety). The relaxed atmosphere combines small group seating, shared tables in the bar area and intimate sitting areas.

Menu and Information

Not available for Deliveries

Not available for Pick-Up

The Kosher Rabbi Mehfud


Sunday to Thursday: 12:30-23:00
Friday: 12:00-15:00
Saturday: An hour after Shabbat ends-24:00