Who said fast food could not be healthy either?
A great love for Italian pasta without a lot of sophistication – fast, fresh and healthy, this is the story of Fiori pasta bar.
We specialize in excellent fresh pasta, made from natural ingredients, vegetables from the market and high-quality durum flour enriched with protein. Here you will not find preservatives or food coloring. Instead, you will find a plate full of respect: respect for the tomato and garlic in the sauce, respect for the sweet potato inside the ravioli, respect for simple and tasty food and respect for the people sitting at the bar.

What is on the Menu?

A lot of respect and an atmosphere, wine, a smile and a broad heart – the way you eat in Italian.

A little about our pasta – Our variety of fresh pasta came directly from Italian cuisine. They were processed with the help of the best chefs for industrial production in small series while preserving home and fresh taste.

Menu and Information


Sunday-Wednesday: 23:00-11:00
Thursday: 00:30-11:00
Friday: 16:30-11:00
Saturday: End of Shabbat-00:30