The Heart Of Jerusalem

Winter, at the first stop, was going to be hot.
This winter, the heart of Jerusalem, the largest heart in the Middle East, will be launched in the heart of the first station.
This heart, created by the artist Jaca Winograd, will illuminate the space in a light of tolerance and love, with the message “I have love and it will prevail.”
This line, from the song by Archdi Duchin, will lead the station’s winter campaign. The heart, 4 meters high, will be accessible and open, the following can be photographed in it and send a postcard, buy a heart and leave it, name their name, the heart at the station. The first station will celebrate love, this winter, make it, for the various audiences at its gates, a center of tolerance, mutual listening and love.

The forecast for the winter: It will be hot
The forecast determines: Winter at the first station will be shown romantic films, there will be lectures and workshops on parity and love, dance performances and workshops for couples dancing. The restaurants will launch their ‘love dishes’. In the main square there will be parties and shows.
Culture and community activity will continue to strengthen the status of the first station, which was first launched in 1892, to the beating heart of Jerusalem on the eve of 2018. We
are happy to invite all lovers of love to meet this winter in the heart of Jerusalem.
To taste meet and feel, to love.

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