Vaniglia Jerusalem - The First Station

Vaniglia’s high-quality ice cream is made from the best raw materials in the world – 100% natural without preservatives, without artificial food colors and without artificial stabilizers. Come and enjoy a wide range of flavors, including cream ice cream, sorbet, a selection of special vegan ice creams and also sugar-free ice creams.
You can buy T/A packages as well and also other products like milkshakes, Belgian waffles baked on the spot, and more!

Vaniglia uses the best raw materials in the world while making sure to use only natural materials and traditional production methods.

Vaniglia promotes sustainability and environmental issues in order to reduce the polluting waste caused by the ice cream industry. You can buy home ice cream scales in an insulated and approved reusable package from the Israeli Standards Institute and enjoy a discount on refills, thus reducing the use of Styrofoam which is known to be the only non-perishable plastic.

Menu and Information

0.5kg – 55₪, 0.75kg – 75₪, 1kg – 99₪.
You get a free ice cream cups package for every purchase 🎁.
For every purchase, a package of ice cream cups as a gift

Opening hours

Sunday-Saturday 10:00-23:00