The Khan Theater

The Khan Theater
The Khan Theater in Jerusalem began to operate in the late 1960s and has since become a leading cultural icon. The Khan offers new theater productions each year and includes leading Israeli actors. In 2012, the Khan Theater won the prestigious Rosenblum Prize for Lifetime Achievement.

The Khan began its path following a fire that broke out in the mythological club Bacchus where theatrical productions of a group of artists called “The Circle” were staged. The need for an alternate place led to the neglected building opposite the railway station where a carpentry workshop was used and served as a hostel for pilgrims and pilgrims on their way to Bethlehem and Hebron. Mayor Teddy Kollek joined the project together with the artistic director Philip Diskin. A handsome contribution was made, and towards the mid-1970s the Khan Theater was formed and began to operate in the renovated building.

Over the years, many theater productions took place in the Khan, which entered the pantheon of Israeli theater. The Khan also raised a generation of prominent Israeli actors such as Sefi Rivlin, Sasson Gabai, Aryeh Cherner and many others.

Bar and Cafe Hannele
The Hanneleh project was established in the foyer of the Khan Theater in Jerusalem in the wake of a personal initiative and with the encouragement of the theater management, with the aim of promoting the community of artists and culture in the city and understanding that the way to attract and leave young people in Jerusalem is to integrate them into the circle of activity and creativity in the city.

The project seeks to be a meeting place and a supportive platform for students studying in various art schools in the city in order to create new friendships and collaborations between the different art fields in the city, a place that will connect photographers and designers; Between musicians and directors and screenwriters; Between graphic artists and writers and poets, and hence, the sky is the limit. One of the main goals of the project is to connect art students to the fabric of life and creativity that exists in Jerusalem actively during their studies by providing free and supportive ground for the work.

Distance from the station
is opposite the first station

Opening Hours
Hours: Sundays to Thursdays 09:00 to 19:00 Fridays and holiday eves 09: 00-12: 30 Saturday from 19:00.