Free To Old City

“Free to the Old City” – free transfer from the first station complex

The “Free Old City” service allows you to park your car at a daily rate (NIS 17.10 per day, 13.60 for Yerushalmi card holders) in the “First Station” area and enjoy free round-trip transportation to the Old City!

The “Free to Old” service left the parking lot of the first station compound to the Dung Gate – a 2-minute walk from the City of David.

*Please note, during Covid-19 period the service is shut down until further notice*

Days and hours:

Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 08:00 to 20:00

Monday and Thursday between 07:00 and 20:00

On Fridays and holiday eves, from 08:00 until an hour before Shabbat begins.

The service is not active on Saturday night.

The shuttles depart every 20 minutes from the station compound.

Every hour on the hour, the transportation is accessible for people with disabilities.

The frequency of transportation is increased during the holidays.

For details on hours of operation and exit times, call 106 or 072-3290758 – the Jerusalem Municipality Information Center