Vegan Station

The First Station – the first Vegan Friendly complex in Israel.

The First Station Jerusalem is proud to become the first complex in Israel to receive the Vegan Friendly Certificate! We have worked together with Vegan Friendly organization to make the station the first culinary complex in Israel where vegan options are available in all restaurants!

We went through menus, added dishes, tasted, made improvements and finally succeeded.

The First Station is an attraction for many diverse audiences, and now the vegan community in and around Jerusalem can see the station as its home.We invite you to visit the station and enjoy the unique and fascinating combination between delicious vegan food and culture in Jerusalem!

Description of vegan dishes by restaurants:

1. Station 9:
Our famous Asian place!
Funkwa, Pad Thai, Vegetable Eggroll, Rice Noodles, Pad Pak, Pad Kin and Green Thai.
Click here for the menu!

2. Vangilia
Variety of vegan ice creams:
Coconut (coconut milk), lotus (almond milk), peanut butter, banana and chocolate, chocolate sorbet, a variety of sorbets with alternating fruit flavors.
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3. Fiori
Our Italian restaurant!
Among the selection > 4 short vegan pasta, plus a long spinach fettuccine pasta!
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4. Twins:
Great Salads and Veggie Burger!
In addition – Shaked’s Parne: cauliflower and fried eggplant with herbs, leaf mix, garlic confit, fried onions, tahini, ambala and tomato salsa.
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5. Abu Shukri Hummus: Salads, a variety of Hummus plates, falafel, Eggplant Shakshuka and more!

6. Re:Bar
A variety of vegan juices and smoothies!
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7. Captain:
Garden meal – Crispy Portobello mushroom, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles and captain sauce.
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8. Mitz Petel
A variety of juices and smoothies!

9. Casa Burger
Beyond Meat Hamburger – including a meal option.
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10. Teva Castle
The famous healthy grocery store with a new and special vegan stand!

11. Adom: A variety of starters, starters and salads – plus a special main course
PUMPKIN FILLET – silan glaze & almonds chips, on green risotto and coconut milk (vegan)
Check Out the menu – click here!
The restaurant is closed until further notice.

12. Lechem Bashar – Meat and Eat:
Vegan Menu >> Home Focaccia, grilled Eggplant, Vegan Shawarma Salad, Quinoa Salad, Focaccia Shawarma, Vegan Burger!
For the menu click here!
The restaurant is closed until further notice.

13. Landwer Cafe:
A whole vegan menu, including > Breakfast, Avocado Bruschetta, Lebanese Salad, Red Lentil Omelette Sandwich, Cheeseburger, Meatless Bulls Stew, Lotus Rozalach and more!
The restaurant is closed until further notice.

14. Fresh Kitchen:
Breakfasts (3 different vegan options!), Salads (check out Japanese tofu), sandwiches (seared tofu, vegan shawarma), mains (red curry, Veggie Burger, Indian stew), smoothies, milkshakes and dessert!
The restaurant is closed until further notice.