Oktoberfest 2019 Jerusalem

Oktoberfest 2019 at The First Station Jerusalem! Tuesday-Thursday, 18:00-00:00, Entrance is free!

Particpating Breweries ??: The famous German beer Weihenstephan Oak and Ash Brewery BarzelBeer Bazelet Beer – The Golan Brewery MOSCO BEER Hero Brewery Heineken 0.0% for pregnant women and drivers Lela beer

And another surprise is expected!

In the meat section ??: Doron’s huge stand with huge asado plates, entrecote, lamb sprouts and sauerkraut and salads (kosher).

Chopchop with a triple booth that includes grilled, smoked meats and fine meat sandwiches (Tzohar Kosher).

For the first time, the Byrne Food Truck will join us with German-style sausage ? with sauerkraut (Kosher)!

What more? Fine pretzels ?, excellent olives from Greece, Tipsy alcoholic ice cream, including four sorbets (kosher) Hot Churros, smoothies and fresh fruits!

Apart from food and beers, there will also be amusements ?‍♀ – paintball and drinking games!

Live Music?: Pritzat Disc Band will perform on Wednesday and Thursday at 9pm.

On Thursday we will also have a guest performance by Irish singer Karl McConnon performed in leading pubs in Dublin.

In addition – on every glass of beer you purchase, will receive a discount ticket for a pretzel and enter a draw for a flight ticket to Berlin ??.

For more details and updates – click here!

Drink responsibly !!!