"Rani" is a family restaurant at the first station in Jerusalem that focuses on quality homemade food.
In the mornings you can find eggs of all kinds,
pastries, tzanim and jams of various kinds, sandwiches
such as tuna, sabih, and others for take away or for 

The first ones include focaccia, fried cauliflower 
accompanied by tahini, silan and yogurt,
vegetable fritters with goat's yogurt,
and salads of all kinds.
The main dishes are special dishes from home
such as fish meatballs in parana bread,
barbonia roll, stuffed cabbage balls, 
house harayma - sea fish fillet in red sauce and 
an old-fashioned kovna.
The restaurant is an original solution for spending the afternoon that also offers a variety of board games for all ages

Menu and Information


Kosher - Badatz Mehadrin Jerusalem

Opening hours

Sunday-Thursday 9:00-22:30
friday 9:00-15:00

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