Train World

Train World - The First Station Jerusalem

In a rare combination of bringing a 100-year-old conservation railroad car to the First דtation complex in Jerusalem with the art of miniature electric trains and everything around them, a unique and wonderful exhibition was created.

Welcome to the Railway World Exhibition at Jerusalem First Station. Our trains work all the time! At the heart of the First Station, inside a formerly active railroad car, is the International Railway Exhibition of the World of Railways.

After the exhibition closed during the Corona period, The First Station is happy to announce its reopening and that it is now operating according to the hours listed below. The exhibition is supported by the Jerusalem Municipality and Mayor Moshe Leon.

The spectacular exhibition for children, teenagers and adults presents hundreds of models of trains that travel on a spectacular route that passes through different landscapes from all over the world. For example, you can see steam trains passing through bridges and caves or express trains running quickly to an urban area.

The exhibition is spread over an area of about 40 square meters along which are 200-meter-long railroad tracks on which 9 passenger and freight trains can move simultaneously, followed by dozens of passenger cars and freight cars.
Trains move through landscapes and scenery of classical Europe. Shimon Futerman, the creator of the exhibition, used to travel as a child with his grandfather on the Israel Railways from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv, where he sucked his love for trains, which grew stronger and stronger with him getting the German Marklin train set as a present. In 2021, Futerman decided to donate his rare collection of trains to the Jerusalem Municipality for the sake of assimilating the hobby among the children of Jerusalem and the surrounding area.

Menu and Information


* The exhibition is back! *

Sunday to Thursday 10am-5pm (last entry at 4:30pm)
Friday 10am-2pm (last entry at 1:30pm)
Saturday – closed

Admission is free, but there is a capacity limit of 20 people at a time, based on availability.


The Story of Caravan 322

In 1922 with the establishment of the Mandatory Railway Company P. R. a 322 carriage was ordered from England to Palestine. The caravan forms together with eight other carriages especially for the Mediterranean weather, much emphasis is given to the double insulation and the ventilation openings, extra emphasis is given to the outer body of the caravan which is made of steel compared to the inner part covered with wood cladding. The caravan was used by the residents of Palestine and the countries of the region and the various troops of the British Army.

In 1948, Caravan 322 moved to the Israel Railways, which operated it for the benefit of the residents of the young country until 1956. With the outbreak of the Sinai War, the caravan was converted for the war and recruited to participate in the struggle. A powerful transmitter was installed in the trailer from which the broadcasts were navigated during the war, and in addition, the trailer also served as a supply trailer.

In 1957, the caravan was transferred for use in a mobile workshop of the Israel Railways Department.

Thirty years after he faithfully served the entire train system in Israel, the car was placed in the train complex in Bnei Brak and served as an office in the Israel Railways’ Payments and Accounts Department.

In 2013, the caravan arrived at the first station complex and served for about two years as a residence for exhibitions. In 2015, the caravan was handed over to the World of Railways to set up the exhibition and become a center for miniature electric trains. Towards the centenary of the caravan, the exhibition was renewed and opened to the general public.