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Welcome to Café Landwer, the home of exceptional coffee and casual dining for over a century. Built on more than 100 years of passion, innovation, and experience, the Landwer brand’s enduring success has already crossed borders and oceans, and continues to expand on a global scale.

Milestones: From a Family Tradition to Global Success.
Berlin, 1919. Moshe Landwer opened his first café on a picturesque Berlin street. Although it quickly became a popular spot and expanded into a five-branch chain, change was in the air. Moshe and his family headed to Israel with the equipment, expertise, and passion that would soon create the country’s first coffee roasting company.
Tel Aviv, 2004. Three young entrepreneurs from the nightlife industry (Ofer Koren, Nir Caspi, and Oren Maor) approached the Landwer family’s time-honored roasting house with an idea. Together, youth and tradition would make a dream come true – a place that combined the finest professionally brewed coffee with a contemporary casual dining experience and just a hint of that cool nightclub vibe.

A Classic Success Story for the 21st Century.

The Landwer chain is defined by its outstanding cuisine,
with seasonal menus that add a contemporary creative
twist to well-loved Mediterranean classics.
These menus by Chef Yahaloma Levi are based on a modern restaurant concept that champions freshness and craftsmanship above all, and draw their inspiration from the diverse mosaic of contemporary Israeli cuisine, which has become one of the most talked-about in the world.

What's on the menu?

In 2020, Landover launched a new menu by chef Yahaloma Levy. The new menu is built a local, healthy, fresh menu, with a new approach to local cuisine, the quality of the raw materials and their care. The new kitchen brought the chain to new heights.

Menus and contact info

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Sunday-Saturday: 08:00-23:30